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[Fun is that to predict the weather by looking at the sky]
Osaka spring of signs!
Is how spend? ? ?
Such good weather day you will want to go out, but if there a lot of sayings, such as predicting the weather is the saying goes, is called the Skyward Eye mind watching those things.
There from saying "sunrise rain, sunset sunny", "cold and heat even equinoctial week", until such thing as "swallows fly low and rain".
I 7 class proverb test (http://goo.gl/2wFAzJ) is saying, such as these natural phenomena and weather I will appear on the exam at the center, I will introduce this because there was a article that help quite interesting.
• When the contrail is left for a while is close rain
Looking up at the sky, is devoted of contrails. If you are extending Sutsu long from an airplane flying tip, moreover, have some time left to time. At such times, you might close rain.
I did not know! !
I think Naa no recently me that you look up at the flight cloud rather than. "The Wind Rises to (http://goo.gl/AV1FAc)", which has been aired on TV yesterday, is not it, but I think it is important time Tteyuu draw a dream in the sky.
Other is
-Date difference is a difference between the moon rain
Around the sun and the moon, you may have come up with wheel of thin white light. There will also be of wheel of sometimes yellow light. Is called the wheel the "date Is the" around this sun, is called the "moon Is the" it around the moon. This phenomenon, which occurs upon exiting the pale clouds called cirrostratus clouds. Often appear with low pressure and front approaches, it has been a precursor of weather worsening. The next day be necessary umbrella.
Even such thing. Although the weather forecast is also possible to deviate the last because it is forecast, Well by observing the climate with my own eyes, quite Is not going to be fun every day, even the Tteyuu to predict the weather? ?
Trivia of the weather in Tokusuru at work are valid!