それは、ローカル路線バス乗り継ぎの旅 http://bit.ly/1liIkdJ 。


今回のマドンナは、野村真美 http://bit.ly/1rGup5o さん。







To not ... Mairi Zenkoji and are attracted to the cow! ]

It is Watakushi of FB in charge that do not watch TV much, but TV show called "! Only this program" exists among you do not see.

It journey http://bit.ly/1liIkdJ of local bus transit.

Three plus (is referred to as the "Madonna") female guest to Ebisu Yoshikazu Mr. Tagawa Yosuke's the one person, reaching the destination on schedule in three nights and four days in Noritsui route bus in Japan it is a journey program with the aim of.

At times that has been broadcast on the 20th of this month in the Kansai area, harsh journey while always that aim to Niigata Naoetsu from Shizuoka Gotemba.
Madonna of this time, Mr. Nomura Mami http://bit.ly/1rGup5o.

Along the way of the journey, this is Nomura Mami barrage proverb "Rome was not built in a day!" And "! Becomes a mountain dust even if Tsumore".
If you are impressed and Naa'm such mon know proverb, people looking good head of a beautiful woman turns out that there is a "Zenkoji" to the root of the journey whopping still!
Does this triple combo achievement of "Mairi Zenkoji attracted to cow" Maybe! ? It had inflated chest and expectations, but this project, if there are strict rules that aim to destination arrival four days and three nights within it is Noritsui only bus, therefore, there is no time to miles Zenkoji leisurely, just insert the Zenkoji did was projected on the screen in vain.

Regardless not say say the proverb, this might have become a very valuable video very sorry.
And not from the will of their own, say also of the "Mairi Zenkoji attracted to cow" is the proverb that is used as a metaphor that is directed to those who may be invited to others.
Nante pray to Zenko-ji Temple in the flow, which aims to destination, would be an event of the proverb has happened to real in the real world, as the proverb test, It's a drool thing becomes the video when it is aired.

By the way, please visit About this proverb, because it has been mentioned in the homepage of Zenkoji.

"Journey of the local bus transit" when Yara to become the next C'mon. Since such as the program of hot topic in the entertainment industry, to look at any DVD of past work, please try to fit in to the hilt and charm indescribable sense of tempo.

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