オリコンによると「アナと雪の女王 MovieNEX」(4,000円)の初週売り上げが151万4,000枚となり、映像作品史上最高の初週売上を記録。

またカルチュア・コンビニエンス・クラブ(CCC) TSUTAYAカンパニーは23日、全国のTSUTAYA店舗における「アナと雪の女王」のレンタル開始後1週間のレンタル回数が、過去5年間のBlu-ray/DVDレンタル数で最高となる54万回を突破したと発表。


特にメインテーマソング「Let It Go」から映画に触れたという観客も多く、松たか子さんが歌う劇中歌、May J.さんの歌うバージョン共に、この音楽不況の最中、誰もが口ずさむ、まさに時代を映し出す歌となりました。歌は世につれ、世は歌につれとということわざに当てはめるなら、各々が「ありのまま」であることを時代が求めているのかもしれません。


[The song is brought into the world, the world As the song]

The Snow Queen and Ana became a huge hit Disney movie unprecedented.
First week sales "The Snow Queen and Ana MovieNEX" of (4,000 yen) will be 1.51 million 4,000 sheets, recording the first week sales of video works best in history according to Oricon.
The repaint the first time in 12 years the record DVD Thus, the million breakthrough to release the first week of July 2012 "Spirited Away" of (1.406 million pieces), including LD and video, DVD, and BD, 23 年 I became a hit a record high in the Oricon rankings video work of eight months.

Also on the 23rd, the number of rental one week rental after the start of the "Queen of snow and Ana" in TSUTAYA stores across the country, with the number of rental Blu-ray/DVD over the past five years Culture Convenience Club (CCC) TSUTAYA Company announced that it has surpassed 54 million times, the highest.

Become a major work of this year exactly, "Ana snow" boom is likely to continue still.

Audience that touched the image main theme song from "Let It Go" in particular also many versions both singing drama Nakauta, of May J. 's pine Takako sings, during this recession music, everyone is humming, just I have become a song that reflects the times. If you apply the saying goes song brought into the world, the world that O brought to the song, the times might be asking that each is "truth".

The song is brought into the world, the world As the song (Grade 4)
That song and varies with the course of the world, plight of the world also is influenced by the fashion of the song: meaning.