Character of "SM bar" in the popular word of Twitter.
It is the last night you were also register to indecisive this keyword is whether the topic why, but I was surprised at the headlines that jumped to see the TV news after returning home!

"Miyazawa Minister SM bar spending!?"
Anything, it is heading Tohoho.

Miyazawa Economy, Trade and Industry phase from scandals Obuchi previous phase of Economy, Trade and Industry, received the baton in a bitter form.
In "" Rikanikanmuriwotadasazu ", all of us should think about, that you do firmly that are stricter than the rules a little to when it was asked to reporters the issue of political funds 20 days after the job offer it was stated that thinks. that it "has come firmly the neighborhood, but according to the government's report on political funds of 10 years is a fund-management organization of the Miyazawa economy, Trade and Industry phase of" Miyazawa meeting ", in September of the same year pattern, which has been spending 18,230 yen to the SM bar it is in the downtown area of Hiroshima for the purpose of "entertainment expenses" in the 6th.
Miyazawa Economy, Trade and Industry phase excuse "not such a hobby I am. Was looking at the balance of payments report, but did not know is just the name of the shop," he said.

The thing I can be silly, like really matter.
The first place to be able to recorded as entertainment expenses of the drink money store that is SM bar in entertainment expenses, I feel dangerous will be the thought that seems.
I do not sleep at night a small child television to blast with the SM bar SM bar might have seen whether things how, Judging the feelings of parents and "What ~I ?? I SM bar" was heard in children ....

Rikanikanmuriwotadasazu (Grade 7)
Meaning: that it likely would be suspected in humans, that those who do not do from the beginning is good.