ことわざ検定にもこと犬くんという公式PRキャラがいますがhttps://www.facebook.com/kotokenkun 全国に溢れるゆるキャラやご当地キャラの人気はいまだ健在です。




ちっちゃいおっさんは言います『子供達が「徳を以って徳に報いる」大人になりますように切に願っています。 その為のPR活動を、ワシが少しでもがんばってみんなに伝え続けていく事。 それこそが尼崎や日本の未来を明るくするんや!たぶん、いや、きっと!!!』。




[Little bitty uncle of policy]

There are official PR character called moko and dog-kun to proverb test but loose character and popular Gotochi character full ofhttps://www.facebook.com/kotokenkun nationwide is still alive and well.
Although it is Exeggutor fu Speaking and its representative, speaking very popular as an informal character of Amagasaki, Hyogo Prefecture "little bitty old man".

• The horse racing that's cheering ambassador (Hyogo Prefectural Government)
· Heat stroke prevention ambassador (Japan Weather Association)
-Snatching prevention Ambassador (Hyogo Prefectural Police)
Mother and help fraud eradication Advisor (Ogikubo police station)
Tokyo Girls Collection the 1st PR captain (Tokyo Girls Collection)

With a title such as, is a popular character.

Because little bitty old man is a informal character of Amagasaki, all activities expenses own pocket. In the say as what has been active in up there for what, "important something = morality (gratitude, greeting, compassion), humor, etc." and I'm such to convey. And "the gates to laugh come Fu" and I have to firmly core a policy.

Little bitty old man is said "children to reward virtue me than the" virtue "I hope sincerely as you become an adult. The PR activities of the order, that eagle is going to continue to tell everyone luck even a little. That's what and got to brighten the Amagasaki and Japan in the future! Maybe, No, I'm sure! ! ! ".

Also proverb test is the same feeling.
Do not and you wish to cut nice if you can bring them to play with the dog-kun thing someday.

I wish the creator Ikeda SusumuTaro Mr. your souls of little bitty old man.

Always with little bitty old man!