東洋経済4月15日のフロンテッジ ソリューション本部副本部長の岡崎 茂生さんの記事です。

『MIT Technology Review』誌、『Fortune』誌における企業の格付けやイメージランキングにて、日本企業が全くランクインできない理由がどこにあるのかということが書かれています。








Why evaluation of Japanese brand low? ?
" Stake out " it does not hit , Bring up to the global human resources
It is an article of Shigeo Okazaki 's Frontage solutions Deputy General Manager of April 15 Toyo Keizai .

That by the image rating and ranking of companies , " MIT Technology Review " magazine , in the " Fortune " magazine , of where there is a reason that can not be ranked at all Japanese companies are written .

The keyword that nowadays , it is to the ear was also a lot of " global human resources " .
Stating that it must be centered on this keyword to focus on the difference between Japan and the United States to perform in sequence the delivery of a new business such as Google or Facebook, and change the consciousness of education and awareness of Japanese companies is written have .

The people that the idea a " unique , It is a thing that first I 'd like to make a voice and " Like it . It ! I interesting "he said. Even mashed gimmick negative check to be ? " How can such a thing to really " , no one to give . Venture capital and new business we are fraught with uncertainty , to be sure, but it should be wiped out air conservative , such as seen with a shifty eye . "

Although it is the meaning of the proverb , which is accompanied by the theme of this article

Pile out to be struck
People who are out and away if there is a talent , skill and hated from people in many cases .

Saying that you have said to Japan that there is , there is no difference in the symbol of itself is a society in which pile on exit struck .

Why do not you have ? Negative check .
Let's start from the fact that to accept the idea , to be evaluated.