それが集英社から出版されている『「きれいになったね」と言わせる28の格言 http://amzn.to/1rSSWqo 』。

たとえば 「急がば眉毛!」「亀の甲より手の甲に年が出る」などなど。覚えやすくて知っておくと、毎日の美が少しずつアップするような内容なんです。



[Makeover in saying proverb is to beauty]

Parody works that play on the proverb is also famous Forget "saying Unclehttp://amzn.to/1pR1IDK" of Yamaguchi Tao, but now by the time finally be the world introduced as saying that teach the secrets of beauty.

It has been published by Shueisha and "" maxim of 28 to said I was beautiful "http://amzn.to/1rSSWqo".
What members of the "anti-aging beauty laboratory" of the of the cosmetics giant Paula wrote this book. In other words mean that secret book of beauty beauty of professional wrote.

For example, "hurry if eyebrows!" And "turtle shell exits year to the back of the hand than" like. To know and easy to remember, and I'm content, such as up a little every day of beauty.

Writing the members, "shine a woman have originally, drawn through the Beauty" and align the mouth. The parody sayings and was a "maxim" is because I wanted to have an interest in more people. "I read the book, of among his" I want you to an opportunity to put the aesthetic sense switch "" It is said to have commented.

Soon in orchestrated and whether trying to bother you to interview.
This stay tuned! !