起業家の失敗談をテーマにしたカンファレンス「FailCon Japan」でnanapiのけんすう氏が語ったCGMサービスから得た教訓に、ことわざが含まれていましたのでシェアしますね。






【読み】 あちらをたてればこちらがたたず
【意味】 あちらを立てればこちらが立たずとは、両方が納得するような、また喜ぶようなことをするのは難しいということのたとえ。

I will share the lessons learned from CGM services KENSUU Mr. nanapi told conference on the theme of horror stories of entrepreneurs in the "FailCon Japan", saying so was included.

- You get to post without paying compensation to the user is very difficult, a trade-off in many cases.
- That, not stand here if the Tatere there is likely to occur.
- May not go as planned because it is communication between people is too high.

Lessons learned from the above, Mr. Furukawa told five points for making CGM.

Five points in making the CGM

- It is not logical to think
- Do not think of a number
- I mean to unknown
- It is not a clear goal
- I want to purpose of the means

I feel like a difficult thing for anyone to operate a service. In what some see as, think in logical, I make much of a number, calculated back from the goal, and to clarify the meaning, to choose the means for the purpose. I have said in part of a continued reason that it does not hold in CGM. This is the horror stories of interesting entrepreneurs. You read it by all means.

This one does not stand if Tatere the Kanata
Damned if you do, damned if you do not: reading
Example of what this place is and not stand if the Tatere there, to things like both pleased and also, like the satisfaction that difficult: meaning.