[Bolt from the blue]

Wednesday the 6th to the 96th National High School Baseball Championship is approaching the 9th, sudden tragedy struck in high school baseball players in Aichi Prefecture dreams of Koshien.

On this day, Seishin private high school came to practice game. The game I began to 0:40 pm, but it will be temporarily interrupted the game by rainfall.

Then, blue sky spread In response to the rain went up, and resume the game.
Immediately after that, a sudden lightning struck Ando ShoTeru's sophomore pitcher standing in the mound (17). Then, it has been transported to the hospital in the prefecture Ichinomiya city, but the early morning of the 7th, it became a people that does not come back in a multi-organ failure.

On the ground, seems to have had many parents and players play against schools, but things had not injured the other.

There is also coverage thunderstorm advisory is and was out that day, but the Japan High School Baseball Federation issued a notice that incorporates that you interrupt the game in the case of April 2009, thunder, lightning is approaching as lightning preventing accidents I have is, the school had to protect this.
I pray for your souls.

It is a service of the Meteorological Agency has recommended as one of the things you can do to protect themselves from sudden crack of thunder that lightning nowcasting.
The "lightning nowcasting, and those analyzed by 1km grid units the possibility of lightning and intensity of lightning, and make predictions of up to (10 minutes to 60 minutes away) one hour later, it updates every 10 minutes and things. "offers.
When the atmosphere is unstable, when you are doing something outdoors, you may want to have to check frequently this service.

Bolt from the blue
Meaning: A bolt from the blue, the variation such an incident or did not even expected, occur suddenly.